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Single Origins

Exclusive narratives

The company’s path of quality is realised through the selection of green coffee. A range of expertly roasted gourmet coffees defined by a complexity of very intense flavours and aromas.

Our selection represents an ancient artisanal tradition, favouring the unique characteristics that exalt the best fragrances.

Jamaica Blue Mountain

Kenya AA

El Salvador S.H.G.

Etiopia Yirgacheffe Gr.1

Etiopia Sidamo Gr.2

Cuba Serrano

Brasile Pergamino sul de Minas

India Kaapi Royale AA

Production process

A small roasting machine is dedicated exclusively to the varieties offered by Manifattura Italiana del Caffè. With a separate production plant, craftsmanship is expressed through the care and direct experience of Alessandro Bianchin. Together with the production department, they select and roast the best green coffees in the world before feeding the whole batch into the production process.

Green Coffee Selection

The testing and sampling room with the small roasting machine

Alessandro Bianchin tests each roasting stage with state-of-the-art technology

The cooling process of the roasted coffee

The visual check of the point of roasting

The end of the roasting cycle

The filling of the packs with the manual weighing machine

The sealing of the packs using the manual heat sealing machine

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