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Water Decaffeinated Coffee Blend

The decaffeination process performed by the Swiss Water Decaffeinated Coffee Company* takes place without the use of solvents.

The three necessary elements are: water, temperature and time, these three allow to extract approximately the 99.9% of water. The process consists of three phases:

1. Cleaning of the green coffee using a pre-cleanser that removes potential foreign matter and the bean’s silvery film.

2. Introduction of the coffee into a silo and pre-hydration with boiling water through spraying. The grain is increased in volume by 100% and prepared for extraction of caffeine.

3. The extractor liquid called “Green Coffee Extract” (GCE) comes into contact with the coffee and starts the decaffeination. When the operation is completed, the caffeine is separated from the “extractor liquid” and captured from activated carbons entering the “Oven of regeneration”. Here the caffeine is burned and the activated carbon geometry is reconstituted. The activated carbons are thus returned to the tank for subsequent processing. The whole process takes approximately 10 hours.

Fairly compact beige cream with a fine texture. Delicate medium intense aroma. Good acidity with reminiscences of chocolate and cereals.

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